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About Jill

Jill helps people discover and manifest their higher purpose and calling, so that they can move forward in their lives with clarity, confidence, and excitement. Sometimes this process is as simple as asking the right questions and listening carefully for answers, while other times it involves healing a client’s relationship with self. Either way, powerful transformation is inevitable.

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Discover Your Purpose

For those of us over 45 (or the highly conscious younger set), finding and living our purpose/calling can feel critically important. The good news is that receiving foolproof inner guidance is simpler and less mystifying than you might think; and once you’ve learned how to tap into this inner wisdom, you’ll never have to feel lost or confused again.

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Jill's Book and Blog

...will help you heal old wounds, gain new understanding, and address the many issues and challenges involved in spiritual awakening and transformation. Subjects range from working with addictions and body issues, etc., to learning energy work practices and how to tap into your inner wisdom, and of course finding and living your life’s purpose and calling.

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