Your Life Purpose

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Your life purpose is the place where your unique values, gifts, and passions come together with your innate instinct to contribute or be of service.

Because we are designed to want to live our purpose, it always involves what we are naturally good at and like to do. In fact, often we overlook our obvious purpose (or don’t feel right accepting money doing it) because it seems too easy, natural, or self-gratifying. (Joseph Campbell said it best when he advised: “Follow your bliss”).

According to Tim Kelley/True Purpose™ Institute, there are four elements to our individual life purpose, and we can access this specific information by tapping into a “trusted source” such as: our Soul or Higher Self, Jesus, Buddha, Source energy, God, or whomever we believe knows our purpose and can communicate it to us. (Note that our egos alone are usually not good at accessing this information). The four elements include:

  1. Essence: Who you are at your core. When you walk into a room, people can feel your essence. (Examples: I am love in the form of a guiding light, I am peace, I am pure energy, I am compassionate kindness).
  1. Blessing: What you are designed to do. This is the natural way that you transform lives (including your own), the environment, etc. It’s what you do over and over again as you walk through life. You have done this without realizing it, throughout your relationships, former jobs, etc. Ideally, your vocation or work is an expression of your blessing. (Examples: I heal the broken-hearted, I show people how to love themselves, I teach people how to take care of their bodies, I encourage prosperity-consciousness).
  1. Mission: This is the big project (or projects) you are meant to do, which is based on your blessing. Once it’s done, it’s done. It can be something so big that it is shared by thousands of people, or is unattainable in one lifetime; or it can be a simpler mission that is your personal contribution. (Examples: building a health clinic in the inner city of your community, writing a book on forgiveness, healing your family’s multigenerational pain, ending world hunger).
  1. Message: What your soul would say if it had a microphone to the world. Or, imagine you are on your deathbed, and you could give advice to your loved ones or the world. What would you say? (Examples: “Love one another and your planet,” “Go inside and find out who you are. There’s nothing to be afraid of,” “War is never the answer. Violence begets violence, peace begets peace.”)
How to Get Your Purpose Information

All you have to do is connect with your Higher Guidance and ask what your purpose details are, right? Yes and no. If, in fact, you have a clear, unobstructed channel to your Higher Guidance, you truly can just ask and listen for the answers, but this is not usually the case. What usually happens is your ego (and its various “parts” or subpersonalities) become very nervous about talking to your Higher Guidance, and particularly about getting purpose information from your Higher Guidance, and so it shuts down communication (or at least creates static on the line).

Why? Because it’s afraid of change and the unknown. It’s afraid you will be asked to do something you don’t want to do or can’t make money doing, or that you would have to give up something that you love, or suffer in some other way. Marianne Williamson once said that she was afraid to discover her purpose because she was convinced it would involve moving to India, renouncing all her worldly possessions, and wearing scratchy clothing! (That was certainly not the case).

So how do we manage the ego’s fears? We approach it lovingly, curiously, and with great respect for the difficult job it has keeping us safe and functioning in this world. We engage in a conversation whereby we learn what the ego’s concerns are, and we address those concerns. We gain permission from the ego and its parts to move forward with talking to our Higher Guidance and receiving or moving forward with purpose information. We allow our egos to lay out reasonable conditions for us in moving forward (such as not doing anything that would risk our family’s safety or financial security in pursuit of our purpose, or not making certain changes that the ego deems unwise). We stop fighting our egos and form a co-creative relationship between our lower and higher aspects of self. This is so much easier than trying to ignore or transcend our egos! And our Higher Guidance does not require us to follow all of its guidance, because it respects our free will and honors our choices.

Talking to Higher Guidance

Once you have permission to move forward (or at any time you like) you may open lines of communication with a trusted source of Higher Guidance—preferably through journal-writing, but there are other ways as well. This can be your Higher Self, Source Energy, Jesus, Buddha, your guardian angel, a favorite ascended master, or any source that you trust and believe knows your purpose and can communicate it with you if you ask. Once your relationships with your ego and Higher Guidance are functioning well, you can easily access all the purpose and manifestation information you would ever want. In fact, if you maintain these channels, you will be able to receive clear guidance about anything in your life.

Purpose as Frame of Reference 

“Purposeful” is a useful frame of reference to help you make meaningful, value-based choices of how to spend your time, energy, money, and other resources, as well as weed out less purposeful endeavors. (Examples: Each morning, focus/prioritize your day to include as many purposeful choices as possible—tasks, activities, purchases, relationships, etc.; Apply only for jobs that feel purposeful; Whatever the decision, ask yourself, “Is this purposeful?”)