Being True to Yourself: A Matter of Life and Death?

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For years I’ve been fascinated by accounts of “the other side.” NDE’s (near death experiences), life-between-lives hypnotherapy sessions, channeled information from people’s deceased loved ones—you name it, I’ve read it (or it’s on my list). Nothing interests me more, except possibly my children, and anything with frosting!

I just read Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani, which is the true story of an Indian girl (Anita) who grew up in a multi-cultural (and multi-religious) setting that was so filled with mixed messages and Self-denial, that she desperately lost sight of who she was.

Later, in middle age, Moorjani was diagnosed with lymphoma. She fought a four-year battle, and when she could fight no more, ended up in a coma, 90 lbs., organs shut down, with lemon-sized tumors all over her body.

What happened during the coma was truly remarkable. Not only was she shown breathtaking beauty, love, and understanding of the workings of the universe, but a spontaneous physical healing occurred. Within a few days, her test results revealed that she was cancer-free. Moorjani writes:

Before my NDE, I used to suppress my upsetting emotions a lot, because I used to believe that they would attract negativity in my life. In additions, I didn’t want to concern others, so I tried to control my thoughts and force myself to be positive. But I now understand that the key is to always honor who you truly are and allow yourself to be in your own truth.

Bottom line: putting yourself last, trying to be someone you’re not, supressing your authentic feelings, manipulating your thoughts to stay “positive,” behaving codependently, never feeling good enough, and/or not asserting your truth, really take their toll.

This week, I encourage you to assess how well you’re taking care of yourself, expressing yourself, and generally being true to yourself. Make a commitment to improve at least one area of your self-care, knowing that this will benefit not only you and your body, but everyone who loves you.

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