Remembering Who You Are: A Guide to Spiritual Awakening and Inner Peace

If you’ve ever wondered why you are here or how your life could hold more meaning, you are among the millions of people on the planet who have begun the process of spiritual awakening. Perhaps you’ve been traveling this road for some time. While there are many effective spiritual paths and teachers to follow, your most reliable and empowering guidance comes from within.

Drawing from Eastern and Western thought, as well as ancient and modern-day wisdom, Jill Shinn highlights several transformative approaches that will help you cultivate your own inner guidance and unique spiritual path.

Your divine true nature is extraordinary, and when you tap into it you have the power to move mountains. Remembering Who You Are is a toolbox of key information, insights, and techniques that will help you wake up to who you really are and find the inner peace you’ve been searching for. Whether you’re new to the spiritual path or a seasoned traveler, the next leg of your grand journey begins here.



“In clear, concise language, Shinn explores the essentials of metaphysical awakening. She has a unique ability to take a complex subject and make it not only accessible, but illuminating. Remembering Who You Are is a book or beginners and advanced seekers alike.”
-Z Egloff, author of Verge

“Ms. Shinn has written a spiritual gem. If you are in a place of vague discomfort, or merely working out the details of your own spiritual growth, you will benefit from her experience, authenticity, and insights. This book should be on your bedside table.”
Terry Pearce, founder of Leadership Communication, UC Berkeley adjunct professor (retired), and author of Lead Out Loud and Clicks and Mortar

“Remembering Who You Are is a fresh, clear light illuminating the path of spiritual growth. Its wisdom makes the journey clear. Its deep understanding feels like the gentle, wise hand of a learned friend supporting us on the most meaningful journey of our lives.”
-Reverend David McArthur, senior minister Unity of Walnut Creek, and author of The Intelligent Heart

“Remembering Who You Are is a powerful book that sends a gentle invitation to its readers to listen internally for what life intends for you. It is exciting to be on this journey and to recognize that rather than following superficial pursuits and outside heroes, you can look in the mirror and find your own true hero. Inspiring and thought-provoking!”
-Jessica Doigny, LCSW, hospice bereavement coordinator

“In Remembering Who You Are, the author’s voice comes through as one of humility, experience, and expertise, providing a plethora of information that will move you ahead in your ascension process whether you consider yourself a novice or one of the well informed. I will definitely keep this book handy as a reference for my energy work.”
Kate Gorman, minister, Reiki master, special education instructor, and human services


From ForeWard Reviews: 5 Stars (out of 5)

Books that delve into spiritual awakening have become increasingly popular as readers seek inspiration and guidance through the challenges of daily life. With most books in this category, a reader must suspend logic and “go with the flow,” as the saying goes, because the authors of such works deal largely with intangible and lofty concepts.

Jill Shinn does an admirable job of explaining many of the concepts of spirituality while keeping the reader grounded in reality. She does so with an even-handed and down-to-earth writing style, utilizing examples from her own life and the experiences of others to illustrate what spiritual awakening means.

Part One of the book, “Your Personal Evolution,” offers some necessary background on both awakening and ascension, which Shinn describes as “raising one’s overall vibration or energy frequency through meditation or other spiritually uplifting practices.” In this first part of the book, the reader is invited to explore and evaluate different ways of reaching enlightenment.

Part Two, “Remembering Spiritual Law,” is a roundup of various natural laws: The Law of Attraction (addressed in the best-selling book, “The Secret”), The Law of Unity, The Law of Circulation, The Law of Nonresistance, The Law of Karma, The Laws of Intention and Detachment, and The Law of Dharma. Shinn acknowledges that this is not a complete list; rather, she selected these laws because they are “most valuable in the process of spiritual awakening.” The author explains the laws and suggests how the reader can take advantage of each.

The final section of the book, “Going the Distance,” the reader is encouraged to put into practice what has been learned in the first two parts. Numerous exercises are included, but the author urges the reader to consider all the exercises first and then select those that fit his or her needs. In this way, the content of the book can be personalized to each individual. In closing, Shinn provides notes and a comprehensive reading list.

Throughout the book, the author’s voice comes across as authoritative, compassionate, and caring. Her outlook is always one of optimism and encouragement, which lends a sense of calm and positive energy to the work. She embraces the fact that humans are fallible and will make mistakes: “when we learn something from them, anything at all, we have made progress,” writes Shinn.

Jill Shinn has leveraged her own experience as a therapist, Reiki master, and Angel Therapy Practitioner to write a practical and thorough guide for those who wish to walk down the path of spiritual awakening. Even if the reader is just at the beginning of self-discovery, “Remembering Who You Are” will make the process easier and more fulfilling.

–Barry Silverstein


From the Introduction of  Remembering Who You Are:

“The seeds of my personal story of spiritual awakening were planted about the time I flunked my first year of kindergarten. Even though I was only five years old, the message was clear:  this earth thing was not going to be easy. Whatever I was doing wasn’t good enough, and I’d have to work harder, be friendlier, get with the program. But, in the back of my mind, I vaguely remembered a time and place where I was everything I needed to be and no one would have suggested anything different.

As I grew up, I continued feeling homesick for something I didn’t remember. I did my work, had supportive-enough friends and family, and spent a lot of time in my room journaling and reading books like, Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl, and Illusions by Richard Bach. I was different—didn’t feel like I fit in. I searched outside for answers to life’s questions, and I searched inside for ways I could feel better, be better somehow.

College was perhaps the lowest point. One Saturday I found myself wandering around the huge campus looking for someone, anyone, I knew. I was lost, metaphorically, and I cried out to the universe to show me the way. I had taken a series of wrong turns, but I knew that some sort of higher power existed that could help me get back on track.

What happened next was remarkable. Over the next few days, I had three astonishing psychic experiences that were largely foreign to me, as I had never experienced that sort of thing before. In each situation I had a crystal-clear premonition about something that was about to happen, and these events occurred exactly as I had foreseen them. The third time was a charm because I realized in no uncertain terms that I was being shown that everything is connected. We are all interrelated, and we have spiritual helpers to assist us if we’ll only ask…”


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