Join the Global Chorus: Sing (and Play) C-F-A on New Years Day

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chorusGlobal Harmony Project: Sing C-F-A on New Years Day
by John Shinn, musician and sound healer
Please join us in a global movement to sing together in harmony to bring in 2016. A simple idea with earth-changing possibilities. People all over the world purposely making music together. We’d appreciate it you’d spread the word through social media, word of mouth, and other sharing.
The specific idea is this New Years Day (January 1st, 2016), everyone who wants to join in can sing and play instruments in any manner using the notes C, F and A to create together a global song that is based on the musical F chord (known to many as the heart or care vibration). Anytime New Years Day would do, but imagine the effect if some people in each time zone did this during the first minute of New Years Day (creating a global harmony wave as the New Year came in).
Why C-F-A? This combination of notes makes the F chord in the simplest of harmonies (known as 5-1-3) with the F note in the middle. The F note and chord for many who work with sound is the vibration that activates the heart. So we are seeing the global heart activated and the world singing together in harmony. Of course, anyone more sophisticated musically is invited to add to this harmony according to their capabilities and guidance. For the technical sound and music people, we are specifically asking for C-F-A in the A=440 Hertz music system (because the largest portion of the global music world uses this system).
Join the global chorus – sing (and play) C-F-A on January 1st, 2016. Thank you, and have a fantastic New Year!

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