Making Peace with the Changing Times

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peaceHave the last two or three years been intense for you? For myself and many people I know, it’s been a period of deep reflection, emotional housecleaning, endings/new beginnings, and a high degree of motivation to clarify core values and purpose. For many of us, it’s no longer an option to hide from ourselves, live in denial, do meaningless work, or continue running away from what we don’t want to see in ourselves or our environment.

The veil between our physical existence and that which is unseen has been thinning for a while now. The nature of time is changing. Our dreams are more vivid, and our life purposes more urgent. We’re more open to spiritual messages and less tolerant of thoughtless words and behavior. It used to be normal to waste water and throw paper in the garbage, but now it unsettles us.

We are between worlds—an old world where we were unaware that smoking and unsafe sex would eventually catch up with us, and a new emerging world where millions of people are busy at work creating heaven on earth. If it sounds confusing and science fictiony, it is.

What to do? There are no quick fixes. Transformation is a process, and we really have no choice but to hang in there and work things through as they present themselves. That said, here are a few things I’ve learned over the years about managing stressful change and emotional unrest:

What usually doesn’t  help:
  • Running away from, denying, or “medicating” your feelings
  • Rejecting, controlling, or trying to eliminate parts of yourself that you don’t like
  • Getting sucked into the abyss of old, repetitive patterns
  • Trying to think your way out of problems created by your best thinking!

What usually does help:

  • Breathing, and calmly allowing your emotions (without dramatizing them)
  • Working with and befriending all of your (ego) parts
  • Releasing limiting beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Calling in your Higher Self and other spiritual support through journaling, prayer, surrender, etc.
  • Uncovering and implementing your life purpose
  • Being compassionate, nurturing, and forgiving toward yourself and others
This week, I invite you to relax and make peace with the changing times. I know that things aren’t perfect, but I’ve been around long enough to observe that life is gradually getting better all the time, even if it doesn’t seem that way sometimes. It’s an exciting time to be alive, and I encourage you to do your unique part as we co-create a new and better world.

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