Exploring Your Purpose

A six-week intensive program
with Jill Shinn, MA, MFT, True Purpose™ Coach

Each of us has a unique, one-of-a-kind life purpose, but few are truly living it. Sometimes this is because we don’t know what our purpose is, and sometimes we basically know what it is, but are nervous about what would happen if we acted on it. Perhaps we lack confidence in our ability to make the right choices and move forward successfully on our purposeful path.

In this intensive class/group process, you’ll be gently working through your ego’s concerns/resistance/limiting beliefs, and getting internal permission to access to your Higher Guidance (that which already knows why you are here, what you are designed to do, and how you can thrive doing it).

We will explore the four aspects of your individual purpose, and help you move forward with manifesting it in the world. The four aspects of purpose* include:

Essence:  who you are at your core
Blessing: what you are designed to do
Mission:  the big project you came here to accomplish
Message: what your soul would say if it had a microphone to the world

Date/Time: to be determined (Please inquire when next class will begin)
Place: Pleasant Hill/Martinez
Cost: $197.00

I look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you.


Contact me at (925) 586-1764, or via the Contact page