How your Worst Problem could turn out to be your most Welcome Gift

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problemWhatever it is (illness, heartbreak, compulsive behavior, betrayal, loss), if it’s IN your way, it IS the way. It’s the very path to healing you signed up for. What does that mean?

We 21st century humans are currently swept up in an evolutionary whirlwind, and it’s not particularly easy on any of us. Sure, some people are moderating and navigating change more peacefully than others, but wherever you are on the spectrum, you’re being prompted to advance on your purposeful path NOW! If you’re clinging to the past or the old ways, you will feel as if dragged, kicking and screaming. But there’s an easier way.

There are infinite mental, emotional and spiritual techniques to help you fall in line with the growth that’s being asked of you, but I’m going to invite you to focus for a moment on one thing: that which feels like your biggest challenge. Whatever it is, no matter how aggravating, persistent, or acute it may be, consider it a divine wake-up call and a gift from heaven.

You see, we didn’t come into this life at this magical time in the world’s history to continue spinning our wheels, be bored, or continue to languish in blame of ourselves or others for our situation. It’s time to get serious about moving forward. Do what you need to do: get into therapy, go to rehab, walk away from toxic situations, forgive yourself, forgive others, commit to self-care, and face down your challenges, knowing that you agreed (on some soul level) to experience them for your growth.

Most people, if pressed, can see the silver lining in what they’ve been through (and sometimes in what they are currently going through). They can see that their childhood, work, or health issues made them stronger, braver, or more compassionate. Maybe growing up in an abusive family helped them later cultivate deep self-love. And most people who have been seriously ill or injured, can tell you how they were positively transformed by that experience.

So this week, I ask you to imagine how your “worst” problem might just be a portal into profound growth and healing for you. What have you learned already, and how might you face it and embrace it as the gift it will inevitably turn out to be?

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